Know About The Hormones That Work For Libido

Hormones That Work For Libido

In a simple sense, the term ‘libido’ denotes sex drive or desire in men or women. Medical experts at the popular HealthGAINS clinics say that many factors influence libido. As indicated by the website aspects like mental depression, anxiety, sexual abuse and many other conditions arrest the desire for sex. More often, frequent illness, strong medications can also make an impact on the sex drive. More importantly, the hormones created by various parts of our body are directly responsible for keeping the libido alive in both men as well as women.

This short article is primarily written for those who are not aware of the importance of these hormones that cause sex drive in every individual. Before knowing about these hormones, readers should also know some facts about the term ‘hormone’. Scientifically, a hormone is known to be a specific molecule produced by the endocrine system. Various organs or glands produce hormones. Being transported by the circulatory system in our body, these hormones influence each cell and other organs.

Testosterone: Hormone testosterone is responsible for a healthy sex drive especially for men. This unique hormone primarily has male characteristics but also found in a lower level in the body of women. As per medical science, this hormone is secreted from the Leydig cells located in the male testicles as well as from the ovaries of women. Also, this hormone is produced by the adrenal glands of both men as well as women. Symptoms like a deep voice and the development of muscle mass are caused when the level of testosterone increases from the optimum level. Undoubtedly, this hormone is considered to be responsible for increasing the libido in both men and women. A lower level of this masculinizing hormone can result in the diminishing of interest in sex and lower erection of male reproductive organ. The hormone level can also decrease due to injury and over medication.

Estrogen: This is known to be a female hormone produced in the ovaries of women as well in the fat cells. This hormone is responsible for the growth and development of female sex organs, pubic hair and breast. Decreasing levels of this hormone will surely decrease the libido in women. According to the medical exerts the levels of estrogen as well as testosterone show a decreasing trend at the time of menopause. It can also result in dryness of vagina that can reduce the sex drive. Studies have revealed not all women encounter libido during the menopause and most of them can even have a satisfying sex life even in the later period. More often, it has been observed that the hormonal changes that occur during this time can have a great impact on sexual intimacy.

Progesterone: This hormone is produced in the ovaries for few days after the ovulation in every month. This hormone too influences the sex drive among women. The levels of this hormone will show a decline during the treatment for breast cancer and will also reduce the ability of women in getting an orgasm.

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